Tire Displays

Slimline 124 Tire Floor Display, with 1-TIRE SALE & 1-REBATE Sign included *

*Custom signs available upon request, contact us for custom sign pricing.

This modern Slimline 124 Tire Floor Display is made to showcase your featured tires. Includes 2 Generic Signs. Add Tire Centers Inserts (sold separately) to complete the look.

•Versatile, Slimline can be used as a one or two tire display (low profile) or two or four tire display (tall profile).
•Unmounted tires can be displayed on one or both sides.
•Adjustable tire brackets accommodate various size tires.
•Easy assembly, the only tool needed is a screwdriver.
•Ships standard UPS OR Fed EX
•Special black powder coating minimizes smudges, dirt and fingerprints.
•Levelers allow the Slimline to evenly sit on most floors.
•Each display comes with a set of two headers; “TIRE SALE” and “REBATE”, header is 20.125” x 8”
•Tire inserts (sold separately) link will easily fit into unmounted tires when using Slimline.
•20.5” wide x 24” deep x 74.5” high (four tire configuration, includes header).

Item# JMC-501 $459.57

Tire Wall Display KIT with 2-47” tracks and 3 Tire Brackets with Hardware

This Tire Wall Display utilizes metal vertical tracks that mount on the showroom wall. It is designed to easily set up a multi tire display wall for your tire promotions. Add Tire Centers Inserts (sold separately) to complete the look.

•Tire Brackets mount in threaded holes to support various size unmounted tires.
•This system can be mounted to drywall, wood or metal studs, concrete block or brick walls. Included with each kit are wall anchors designed for drywall.*
• One Set consists of 2- 47” long metal tracks and 3 brackets and accommodates 1 column of three tires.

Additional fasteners may need to be purchased based on wall construction.

Item# JMC-503 $232.97