Tire Display Wheels

Our Tire Display Wheels are in stock & ready to ship! No hardware necessary.

These vacuum-formed display wheels are made from durable .050 gauge Co-extruded HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) and finished with chrome plating or a alloy silver finish for a realistic look.

They are made to simply push in unmounted tires to imitate the look of a real wheel. Each of these styles shown with an * incorporates a new improved design- A snap in feature engages the tire bead & eliminates the problem of popping out or falling out of tires on display.


Chrome DayZ display wheel available in 17” or  18"
Tire Display WheelsChrome DayZ 17"
Item #JMC-033
Fits 17" tires packed 2 per carton - $36.40/Ctn

Chrome DayZ 18"
Item #JMC-034
Fits 18" tires packed 2 per carton - $36.40/Ctn

The Chrome DayZ Wheel from Jamesco adds flash to those larger size H.P./ SUV tires you are displaying.

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Chrome Star display wheels available in 14” or  15"

Tire Display WheelsChrome Star 14/15"
Item #JMC-029
Fits 14/15” tires, packed 4 per carton - $48.90/Ctn

Alloy Silver display wheels available in 16"

Tire Display Wheels

Alloy Silver Outlaw-16"
Item #JMC-332
Fits 16" 4 per carton - $46.10/Ctn

A great look for LT /SUV Tires. Now available in Alloy Silver Finish.

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Chrome Turbo display wheel available in 14” or  15"

Tire Display WheelsChrome Turbo 14/15"
Item #JMC-025
Fits 14/15”tires, packed 4 per carton - $48.90/Ctn

Wall Mount Tire Hanger
Tire Display Wheels

Item# JMC-017
Individually priced, no minimum order quantity, $18.40/Each.

  • Sturdy 1/4" powder coated steel hanger holds unmounted tires to walls or displays.
  • Supports the tire from under the casing for a straight upright appearance.
  • 2-9/32" diameter holes are drilled to accept fasteners.
    (Fasteners not included).